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Professional Baccarat Tips and Tricks

Though many people see baccarat listed in online casinos, they avoid it like the plague because they are unsure of the rules and the proper strategies for playing. This guide will help players of all levels improve their baccarat games, helping them to play like pros.

Learn the Basic Rules

One of the things that catch most new baccarat players off-guard is the absolute simplicity of the game. It is very similar to blackjack in that players are required to build hands of a certain value--in this case, nine, or as close to nine as possible--but there are fewer decisions for players to make. In fact, players simply wait for the dealer to hand out cards according to the game rules. The only decision to make is which player to bet upon.

Understand the Bets

The next thing to understand about baccarat is that there are three different bets from which to choose. The banker bet is generally considered the best as it has a house edge of only 1%, but a 5% commission is usually taken from all winning banker bets. The player bet is next on the list with a 1.25% house edge and no commission. Finally, most pros agree that the final bet--known as the tie bet--is best avoided due to the incredible house edge of more than 14%.

Using a Betting System

The primary thing that amateur baccarat players fail to do is create a budget and a betting system. It is very important to budget a bankroll according to the number of hands desired. After this is completed, players should also come up with a betting system that helps them manage their money effectively instead of intuitively. For instance, many players will increase their bets after wins, but this can be counterproductive. Increasing bets after losses is a better strategy.

These tips will help even beginning baccarat players make more money and have more fun when playing the game. After all, fun comes first, but some extra spending money is always a nice addition.