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Online keno is fast growing into one of the more popular online casino games. The game is so simple to learn and easy to play that players can pick it up as a side game while they devote their attentions to more challenging and nuanced games in the meantime. Plus, winning the game can net lucky players tens of thousands of dollars without any effort and all for a very small wager.

How to Play

The game is incredibly simple to learn and most players of lottery games should be quite familiar with its set up. In Online Keno, the player is given a card with numbers between 1 and 80. Players can choose up to 20 of those numbers by clicking on the number on the screen. If the player wants to substitute a number, he or she can deselect numbers in the same way. Once all the numbers are selected, the flight can begin as soon as the player submits his or her selection. The winning numbers are immediately tallied, and the payout is likewise instantaneous.

Selecting the Numbers

For most players, the most fun in online keno is in selecting the numbers they want to play. Players can use birthdates, anniversaries, or lucky numbers to give them a consistent set of numbers to play. They can also use the exact same technique the game itself uses. By using a random number generator, players can get the most random selection possible. All forms of selection are equally valid as the end results are always purely random.

Playing online keno can be a lot of fun when played either as the main attraction or as a supplemental side game to more intensive gambling games online.