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Free Online Keno Games

Keno is exciting and fun to play for various reasons. If you like playing the lottery, then keno is the game for you. Simply pick numbers and wait for yours to be drawn.

Choosing a Site

Many online sites offer free keno games to enjoy; however, read the rules of the site carefully before getting started. Some sites start out with free games in the expectation that eventually the player will make a deposit and start playing for actual money. You will also have to provide your name, email address, username and password. Sites will generally send a confirmation email and once you respond, you are confirmed and ready for play.

The Game of Keno

Keno is played by choosing numbers between 1 and 80. Different games have a minimum or maximum amount of numbers you can choose, but generally you may pick 20 for each round of play. Each number you have chosen that is pulled will have some type of prize at the end of the game. When playing for free, there is truly no reason not to continue with more games because you have no actual money invested.

Keno in Casinos

When playing in a real casino, workers collect money for each round of play from patrons. Once the sum is tallied, the amount of each monetary prize is set and play begins. Almost all keno games are computerized, so machines begin pulling numbers randomly. Online games are done in the same way, and even though operated in a completely legitimate manner, there are less restrictions than in an actual casino.

Have fun betting and learning the game of keno while indulging in free play. Keno is a great game of chance for all gambling levels.